May 28, 2024
The best villain in Baldur's Gate 3 finally gets the recognition he deserves

The best villain in Baldur’s Gate 3 finally gets the recognition he deserves

Baldur’s Gate 3 picked up 10 nominations and 5 awards at the BAFTA Games Awards. And finally the game’s best villain gets the recognition he deserves.

What are the BAFTA Games Awards? The BAFTA Games Awards is an awards ceremony hosted by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts. In 2024, prizes were awarded in 19 categories.

Baldur’s Gate 3 was nominated in a total of 10 categories and won 5 awards:

  • Best Game
  • British Academy Games Award for Music for Borislav Slavov’s soundtrack
  • BAFTA Games EE Player’s Choice Award
  • BAFTA Games Award for Narrative
  • British Academy Games Award for Performer in a Supporting Role for Andrew Wincott

With the award for Andrew Wincott, the best villain in Baldur’s Gate 3 finally gets his well-deserved recognition.

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The singing devil is finally rewarded for his unique performance

Who is the best villain in Baldur’s Gate 3? Andrew Wincott portrays the devil Raphael in Baldur’s Gate 3 – via his voice, but also through motion capture recordings. You meet him early in Act 1.

You can’t avoid him either: If you don’t run into him in the upper world, he’ll wait patiently in your camp.

Early on, Raphael offers you a supposed way out of your larval dilemma. However, he is not a powerful but friendly savior in times of need: Raphael is a devil from the hells who is absolutely concerned with his own advantage.

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Besides the fact that Raphael is a horned devil, he is apparently a gentleman with very good manners. He is partly reminiscent of characters from plays written by William Shakespeare. With ever sweeter words he tries to seduce his chosen victims into agreements that seem to be beneficial for both sides.

That’s why Raphael is the best

What makes Raphael so good? When you meet the devil, he seems to be an easy and quick way out of a seemingly insoluble problem. He also appears to us as an uninvolved person who has nothing to gain.

Even at his first encounter he leaves a bad aftertaste. And he doesn’t go away anymore – Raphael always stays close to you.

His facade begins to crack in Act 2, when he angrily and almost panicked asks you for help in solving a problem. Depending on how you behave, he can help Astarion on his personal quest. Which is also important for his romance.

Finally, in Act 3, Raphael slowly becomes impatient and offers you a new, almost Faustian pact. You can also visit his home in Baldur’s Gate and finally face him in battle there.

The best part? Raphael sings his own song for the boss fight.

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Raphael is an unexpected party in your adventures in Baldur’s Gate 3, making the whole game much more exciting. And Andrew Wincott also portrays him brilliantly – for which he has now finally deserved to be awarded.

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