May 28, 2024
Pokémon GO announces a big update with a video

Pokémon GO announces a big update with a video

There will soon be a big update in Pokémon GO, as a recent video from the developers announces. We have summarized what the trainers suspect behind it here on MeinMMO.

What update is this about? Smaller updates and new features are released at regular intervals in Pokémon GO. However, on the afternoon of April 11th, the developers announced major innovations for Pokémon GO with a short clip on their X account.

In the 15-second video they show a trainer sitting in a café and spotting a wild piggy outside the window. The next moment you see a kind of portal in front of which the trainer’s avatar stands together with various Pokémon.

Niantic wrote: There will be big updates for Pokémon GO soon. Get ready to #RediscoverGO!

We have summarized below what changes the update could bring.

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What changes do trainers suspect behind the update?

What changes will there be? The clip itself doesn’t reveal much about the upcoming update. Neither the exact new features nor the release day of the update have been announced yet.

For this reason, trainers are busy puzzling on social networks about what is to come. We have summarized below which assumptions are very popular with them.

What’s new in AR mode

Many trainers suspect that the big update refers to new features in the AR function. The video with the Taubsi in front of the café could also indicate this. The current AR function caused a lot of problems in the game a few weeks ago and was eventually turned off. Trainers can currently only use AR+ mode.

But this function is not particularly popular with many people either. An update could finally bring improvements. But this in turn also causes concerns for many players. They are afraid that an update would force people to always use this AR function. You can read the following in the comments on Reddit:

  • Learned_Hand_01: Looks like more AR nonsense. The feature that Niantic obsesses over and spends their entire research budget on, but the player base can’t stand it and immediately shuts down.
  • BrooklyParkDad: Big update = every catch is mandatory AR+.
  • IsaKissTheRain: Well, then I’d be lost. My phone doesn’t work with the AR+ even though it is compatible and has a working gyroscope. I just wouldn’t be able to play.

Update of biomes and the avatar

New biomes: Another guess from the trainers is an update to the biomes. These are a type of terrain in which certain Pokémon spawn. This theory is based primarily on the current test phase for the new backgrounds.

Niantic has divided the regions into different zones for selected players, which show different backgrounds when they are caught. Whether this new representation is related to the respective spawns at this location cannot yet be said with certainty, but it is conceivable for many.

If this were the case, in the future you could use the background to tell which biome you are in and look for suitable monsters that are particularly common in this terrain. The trainer Pokedaxi therefore writes on X: Finally give me the biome update!

Avatar Appearance: An update for the avatar would be obvious. This was also tested extensively by selected players in the last few weeks and caused a lot of ridicule in the community.

Through the #RediscoverGO! In the X contribution to the video, trainers also suspect that this is a change to an already existing feature. This is how krispyboiz explains on Reddit: I would bet it’s the avatar/biome updates? Given the ‘RediscoverGO’ part, it seems more like an update of something existing… like this.

More ideas about the big update in Pokémon GO

There are other ideas circulating on social networks about what could be behind the update. Some are hoping for an increase in the maximum trainer level, the reversal of the deterioration of long-distance raids or a function to trade with friends from afar.

  • xmrmrx writes on Reddit: Seeing the portal in the video makes me think they could introduce long distance trading.
  • kingdeoxys_tl50 wishes on X: Please increase the level cap to 60
  • theverybest5000 explains on X: I can’t wait for the update where you fix the change in remote raids by removing the cap and lowering the prices!

What guesses do you have as to what is behind the big update? And what changes would you most like to see? Please let us know in the comments here on MeinMMO and exchange ideas with other trainers.

There’s a lot going on in Pokémon GO in the coming weeks. We’ll show you all the events in April 2024.

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