May 28, 2024
Pioneers of Pagonia: Neue Roadmap verrät, wie es mit dem Aufbauspiel weitergeht

Pioneers of Pagonia: New roadmap reveals how the development game will continue

Pioneers of Pagonia: New roadmap reveals how the development game will continue

Image: Envision Entertainment

It’s been over four months since Pioneers of Pagonia started early access. Now, after a few smaller patches and the economic update, Envision Entertainment has, on the one hand, released the co-op update that players have been longing for and, on the other hand, presented a new roadmap for 2024.

Co-op update allows four people to settle together

A multiplayer mode has been high on many players’ wish lists ever since the building game was announced. In this respect, it may not be surprising that since the previous early access roadmap was published in December 2023, the developers have moved away from their original plan of only bringing co-op mode to Pagonia with the third content update. Instead, the time has already come with the second update. In shared co-op it is possible to build a village together with up to three other players. Other players can dynamically join an ongoing game. A short video introduces the feature.

The update was released together with game version 0.5.0, the patch notes of which can be read on Steam. Envision Entertainment does not mention the extent to which alternative co-op or multiplayer modes will be added in the future, i.e. whether several players will be able to build their own settlements or even compete against each other.

New roadmap with mining and magic update

However, the developers have now replaced the outdated roadmap with a new edition that outlines the early access game’s further path through 2024. Unsurprisingly, the mining update, which has been pushed back by the co-op mode, is next. It is now expected to appear with geologists, underground mines, steel and gold industries, a monumental building and new units in June, before a magic update with further new enemies and fighters in the third quarter of 2024 – i.e. in July, August or September should follow. There will also be a major update in the fourth quarter, but nothing is known about its contents yet.

Roadmap for Early Access (as of December 2023)
Roadmap for Early Access (as of December 2023) (Image: Envision Entertainment)

At the same time, Envision is continuously working on smaller quality-of-life updates that, among other things, should provide a better overview and statistics on the economy. In the long term, mod support, decorative buildings, viticulture and a more comprehensive background story as well as other content will follow as part of Early Access before Pioneers of Pagonia reaches game version 1.0.

A successful “settler-like”

With just a small indie development team, Volker Wertich managed to do what Ubisoft no longer seems to be able to do: develop a successful building strategy game in the tradition of the time-honored Settlers series. In Germany, the title even made it to first place among Steam’s top sellers when it launched in early access in December 2023 and over 100,000 copies were sold worldwide within the first week after release. There are now over 2,600 reviews on Steam with at least 85 percent approval.very positive“ Rating, although the ratings have fallen slightly over the last 30 days.

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