May 28, 2024
Mercedes-Maybach V-Class: luxury electric van |  CAR ENGINE AND SPORT

Mercedes-Maybach V-Class: luxury electric van | CAR ENGINE AND SPORT

According to a report in the Handelsblatt, which quotes an unnamed insider, a team around the Van boss and former head of corporate strategy is working on the Maybach V-Class. Mercedes did not want to officially comment on this, but had already promised a luxury van when it presented the electric platform in 2023.

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Curious conversions of the Mercedes V-Class in Shanghai
China is escalating the grill

Maybach V-Class as a VIP shuttle or mobile office

The Mercedes-Maybach V-Class is based on the new pure electric platform Van.EA (EA for “Electric Architecture), which the company is launching together with the AMG.EA and MB.EA. The electric van platform will start in 2026 and is in divided into two areas. In addition to the “Premium Commercial Vans”, “Luxury Private Vans” are also based on it. The Van.EA-P for private customers in particular are intended as VIP shuttles, mobile offices or leisure vehicles.

While the van market barely exists in this country – the Federal Motor Transport Authority currently has nine models in this segment – MPVs (multi-purpose vehicles) are very popular in China. In congested cities, these space gliders offer a high level of comfort, primarily with autonomous driving functions and networked infotainment systems.

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Facelift Mercedes V-Class & EQV
First trip in the van with hefty surcharges

Mercedes-Maybach V-Class: “Living on wheels”

The Handelsblatt quotes a Mercedes manager saying that luxurious vans are increasingly replacing classic limousines as a status symbol: “This is the new luxury: living on wheels.” And in the segment of luxury vans around 800,000 yuan there are currently only the Lexus LM and the identical Toyota Alphard. Together they achieve sales of 28,000 vehicles in peak years.

The Toyota is on the price list for between 772,000 and 823,000 yuan (99,500 to 106,000 euros), the Lexus for 819,000 to 870,000 yuan (105,500 to 112,000 euros). Even if the number of units for a Mercedes-Maybach V-Class that costs more than 100,000 euros is rather small, Mercedes is hoping for higher profits per vehicle. With the Maybach variant of the V-Class, the Swabians are planning something like a jump from business to first class, based on the aviation industry, according to company circles. Accordingly, the luxury van’s interior features a variety of screens, fine materials and luxurious comfort features such as extra-wide seats with a massage function.

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Lexus LM MPV
Luxury van also launches in Europe

The Van.EA can do that

The Van.EA platform is basically made up of three main components. In the front area is the front module, which includes both the front axle and the electric drive and remains the same across all models. However, a distinction is made in the middle section, which determines the length of the vehicle but does not influence the capacity of the high-voltage battery installed in the underbody. Mercedes standardized the housing for the battery, but filled it with batteries of different capacities.

Two versions are planned for the rear module – one with and one without a drive component, depending on whether the vehicle is to have all-wheel drive or front-wheel drive. In the future, all vehicles based on the Van.EA platform and intended for both private and commercial use will be based on these three modules. The manufacturer specifies a range of more than 500 kilometers, and automated driving according to SAE Level 3 should also be possible by 2030.

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Mercedes SL special models
Maybach and Speedster – what’s really coming?

Not a Maybach G-Class, but a different model

By the way: The S-Class, the EQS SUV and the GLS are currently available in the Maybach version. All models cost between 182,000 and 200,500 euros in Germany, with margins said to be around 20 percent. A G-Class as a Maybach edition has been rejected, but there is still an SL in the starting blocks.

In our photo show we show you the facelift versions of the V-Class and the EQV.


Mercedes is focusing on luxury and electrification with the Maybach V-Class. A van that combines comfort and high-tech is scheduled to come onto the market from 2028 – based on the Van.EA platform and primarily for the USA and China markets.

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