May 28, 2024
Laysara: Summit Kingdom: Cities grow on mountains in the new Himalayan building game

Laysara: Summit Kingdom: Cities grow on mountains in the new Himalayan building game

Laysara: Summit Kingdom combines well-known building game mechanics with a Himalayan setting that is new to the genre. Over the course of the game, a kingdom climbs into the sky around a mountain peak. The indie title has now started early access on Steam. Initial evaluations are positive.

A kingdom on the crown of the world

In Laysara, players build settlements on the plateaus of a mountain slope in six scenarios and therefore on six maps. Over the course of a game you go higher and higher, opening up different biomes. While the lower part of the mountain still has lush flora, higher up the air becomes very thin. Different peaks also present different challenges in terms of terrain, plateau layouts, available raw materials and local weather conditions. Sometimes a settlement has rich soil for farming and green grass for the shaggy yaks, but sometimes food can only be obtained through trading valuable ores.

Laysara: Summit Kingdom (Image: Quite OK Games)

The developers emphasize: Laysara is a pure city building simulation in which the economy, resource management and survival aspects are in the foreground. However, there are no fights or military elements. This does not mean that there is no danger to your own settlements: the higher you go, the greater the threat of avalanches. In fact, it is possible to prepare accordingly. Natural barriers can be built through reforestation or protective walls to redirect the snow masses, or avalanches can be triggered early before too much snow accumulates.

Mountain hike to game version 1.0

Laysara: Summit Kingdom is the debut title from three developers who joined forces in 2021 as Quite OK Games. Financing via early access is therefore obvious. The building game was actually supposed to appear at the end of 2023, but was then postponed in November: the developers admitted that the time frame set was too tight for just three people, but Laysara should be published in a solid state from the start.

Now the time has apparently come. At the start of early access on Steam, Laysara costs 15.60 euros as part of an introductory offer with a 20 percent discount; from April 24th it will be 19.50 euros. The developers want to achieve game version 1.0 in six to twelve months. A roadmap shows what needs to be implemented by then. Among other things, it involves new buildings, goods, additional production chains, new scenarios and a campaign.

Laysara: Summit Kingdom – Early Access Roadmap
Laysara: Summit Kingdom – Roadmap for Early Access (Image: Quite OK Games)

Feedback from the community should also be taken into account, especially regarding the order of updates. The developers refer to a Discord server for the game.

To start with a good mood

At the start of early access, the first reviews were positive. However, Steam has not yet aggregated too many player ratings; Around 125 reviews confirm at least 76 percent approval. It is often praised that Laysara provides variety in the development genre with a fresh and interesting setting and encourages tinkering. When it comes to gameplay, however, the game is based on classic Anno mechanics, which works well, but is of course nothing new. Some players complain that beautiful building is hardly possible and that buildings in particular cannot be rotated. The developers have already explained why this is the case in their own blog post.

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