May 28, 2024
For a year, German streamers dreamed of making big money: But the dream burst

For a year, German streamers dreamed of making big money: But the dream burst

About a year ago, a dream began for the biggest German streamers: Apparently the streaming service Joyn would soon start a project that competes with Twitch and would only sign the biggest and best streamers and pay them millions of euros a year. But the dream was shattered, as MontanaBlack now tells us.

What kind of dream was that?

  • In June 2023, top German streamer Antonia “Reved” Staab was very excited. She could barely get into a live stream on Twitch.
  • You could tell: She knew a secret, but wasn’t allowed to talk about it yet. She promised: Fans would have to wait another six months, then “everything would look completely different.”
  • Reved told her fans: “Huge signings are coming now, you will be shocked by the German signings.” Things are “really going on” behind the scenes, which is why she is so upset.

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Joyn planned a streaming service only for the biggest streamers

What was she so excited about back then? At the time it was thought that Reved was excited because Twitch competitor Kick was throwing around millions in contracts at the time. The big US stars xQc and Amouranth switched from Twitch to Kick for dream amounts of money.

But in reality, as we now know, it was rumored that the streaming service “Joyn” was planning its own platform to compete with Twitch and made huge offers to the best German streamers.

At the time, Reved could barely contain himself because of his excitement:

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This was Joyn’s plan: As the German streamer MontanaBlack tells in a stream, Joyn’s plan was (via tweet):

  • Only sign streamers who have made a name for themselves on Twitch
  • Everyone else wasn’t able to stream there
  • But they then wanted to pay huge sums to the “elite streamer”. They should be signed for 2 or 3 years

“Dollar signs in the eyes”

This is what MontanaBlack says: The German streamer says that many people already have “dollar signs” in their eyes. Because this was an opportunity for them to earn more money than they had ever received before.

The streamer MckyTV, who is now ending his career, has also signed a preliminary contract with Joyn.

He was offered “a higher 7-figure amount,” but he declined because he didn’t see the potential for Joyn to be as good or better than Twitch. A condition for him to change.

And why is the project failing now? That seems to have fizzled out, as MontanaBlack suggests. The project was actually scheduled to start in mid-2023, but nothing has happened to date.

What would streamers deserve? The streamer Scurrows has in one Tweet A few details reveal: The offers sound really fantastic, MontanaBlack and Trymacs are said to have been offered 9 million euros each and 5% of the shares.

EliasN97, the biggest German streamer, even earned 12 million euros, but declined.

But the numbers are not guaranteed, admits Scurrows.

Scurrows, who is closely linked to the casino service Stake and its Kick platform, has always been critical of Joyn. The offers are “remote from reality”.

This is what happens “when pensioners” want to run a platform.

The deal was pending for a year

This is what lies behind it: It was pretty much the worst kept secret in the industry that something big was afoot in the German streaming scene. There have been repeated hints about this project over the last year because streamers are apparently terrible at keeping a secret.

But the deal was too good to be true. A service only for the German-speaking market and only for selected streamers seems to be a serious disadvantage. Apparently Joyn wanted to use the restriction to save the server costs that are causing problems for Twitch.

It sounds a bit like Mixer, who poached Twitch’s biggest draws, but quickly realized that that wasn’t the path to success.

It’s clear why this sounded like a great deal for streamers. Twitch currently has to save money and the good times for streamers seem to be over:

The days of big million-dollar deals for streamers on YouTube and Twitch are apparently over

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